Undated 1859

Transcribed by Mary Walters and annotated by Scott Stegall

No 2.

I must not close my letter with not telling you of our communion last Sunday. Your Father preached four times +& Mr. Rockwell twice.1 It is always a very deeply interesting sight to see a number of your men coming forward to enroll themselves under the Captain of our Salvation. There were nine students (among them Sam Snow)2  besides Mrs Helper3 Miss Bettie Brown4 & a black girl.  Ed Scales did not come forward though his friends seem to think he is really changed, & there were two or three others that we hoped would join, who did not.5 They are never urged or persuaded to do so. Willie seems to have a very good opinion of Sam. I sent him word about the letter & money, I suppose he has sent for them



by this time. I hope they do not intend taking Sam away. I hope he is doing well here.

He had a very sad letter from Mattie the other day, but she seems entirely resigned . I am very sorry you were not able to write before you were taken sick. She says her little boy is growing finely. We have had a little rain to night, a few drops & some thunder & lightning. I did not feel quite as uneasy as usual, perhaps because it was very distant, I pray against this nervousness and hope I shall have grace to over-come it. Did you hear anything of the Mr McDonelly suit, what was thought of it in Charlotte? I hear Mr. Wilson abused Mr McD. very much. I must stop, your Father has gone to bed.